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Kabbalah is the Hebrew word for ‘received wisdom.’ It is known as The Work of Unification; its purpose being to bring together people of all faiths and none. This is an oral teaching which updates for each generation. 

Kabbalah is the name of the Western Mystery Tradition. I am a student and teacher of The Toledano Tradition of Kabbalah and have no affiliation with the Kabbalah Centre.

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine.

A six-part online course in the all-important balancing of healthy Yin and Yang as the 3000-year old ‘spell’ of patriarchy begins to crack and the world experiences the chaos of change.

Patriarchy – toxic Yang – can only hold power when supported by toxic Yin. If we focus on healing the Divine Feminine within, we can begin to observe ‘the Honourable Harvest’ again and both we and the World can heal.

Nearly all ancient faiths honour the Divine Feminine as the creatrix of the universe. How we came to such a patriarchal belief as an over-arching old man in the sky is the story of how we lost our link to the great cycles of life and created a God in our own image.

The Bible begins: “In the beginning the Elohim created the Heavens and the Earth.” The Elohim is the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, and she is powerfully present throughout the three religions of the Book as well as in all the other traditions — as part of the oral Perennial Wisdom Tradition.

Feminine is not ‘female’ just as masculine is not ‘male.’ They are both attributes of Yin and Yang within us all. The feminine is more subtle and often hidden and she is meant to be that way — something powerful and deep to be discovered only by those who are ready to understand her power. Used correctly, she is the power of the strong and peaceful ‘no.’ Used incorrectly, she is the poison of blame, resentment and passive aggression.

In this extraordinary year, we are seeing clearly how our world has slid into both the toxic masculine and destructive feminine. Covid-19 can easily be viewed as the outcome of a corrupted, disruptive Yin-Yang energy balance at the spiritual level, crying out for a return to the Ways of Wisdom.

Let us remember the sacred marriage that binds the masculine (expansion/development) and the feminine (understanding/discernment) together in a unifying divine dance of clarity, hopefulness and peace.

This six-part online course will weave the story of Sophia, the feminine wisdom tradition from the Elohim to Mary Magdalene via the Turtle Woman, Ishtar, Isis, Sekhmet and many others, using the filters of Judaic mysticism, history and social customs to see what we can reclaim for a new Earth where respect is the mark of each human being. Each of these aspects of the feminine is an archetype within us and can show us our strengths – and our shadow.

The course includes guided meditations and homework.

Episode 1: The Perennial Tradition and the Cosmic Dance

We take a look of the history of belief and how humanity developed from a species with no word for religion because everything was sacred, through a multitude of approachable Gods and Goddesses to a tradition of a powerful War Lord in the sky.

The Patriarchal male God is a construct of both Yin and Yang, laid down in the three Religions of the Book. As we unravel some of the early teachings in the Hebrew Testament, we can see this ‘progress’ clearly and use the original, perennial teachings, to unravel the patterns which have enabled us to lose our balance and assert domination on the natural world instead of working with it in harmony.

Our first task is to understand the concept of Trinity – the Divine Dance of creation – and how we can dissolve our own trained-in resistances to reclaiming the Perennial Tradition and the Grace that flows from conscious connection.

We will also begin to define what is the Divine Feminine and when does it become toxic? And, as a starting point we can begin with Lore and Law.

We must try to understand
the meaning of the age
in which we are called to bear witness.
We must accept the fact
this is an age in which
the cloth is being unwoven.
It is therefore no good trying 
to patch. We must, rather,
set up the loom on which
coming generations may
weave new cloth according to
the pattern God provides.

Mother Mary Clare, of The Sisters of the Love of God.

Episode 2: The Presenting Problem is never the Real Problem

As long as we work with our surface beliefs and emotions, we will block our own shadow experiences … and this is one of the root causes of the world’s imbalance. If we project the natural Yin and Yang energies onto sex or gender issues, we are not addressing the root cause. And if we do not address the root cause, all peace-making is just a temporary break between wars.

There is a gender war; but it is the symptom, not the cause. Working with the Laws of Conflict (developed by international peacemaker Danaan Parry) will provide us with a powerful foundation for healing our own shadow to reveal the sacred masculine and divine feminine within us all.

“If you can only own the light in you and not the dark then the dark will come to rule you. If you won’t acknowledge your own shadow you will project it onto others and call them bad, evil, the enemy. The world is not in a dilemma because of ‘the bad guys’. It is in this mess because of all the ‘good guys’ running around projecting their unknown darkness onto others and then feeling justified in ‘fixing’ them. Or if that doesn’t work, killing them in the name of God, progress or peace.” Danaan Parry.

Episode 3: The Honourable Harvest

Episode 4: Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

Episode 5: The Balance in Us

Episode 6: The Way Forward

What we will learn is how to reconnect with four worlds – divine, spiritual, psychological and physical – so we are guided to re-weave the tapestry of creation for all.
Men are most welcome on this course – it is about the feminine not the female!

The sessions are one hour each, with homework, taking place at 8pm on six successive Thursdays starting on 15th October.

Price: £99. Payment via Paypal or bank transfer. Contact for more details.

You do not have to attend live; each episode will be recorded and sent to participants via WeTransfer.

Rev. Maggy Whitehouse is a minister in an independent church who has been studying and teaching Judaeo-Christian mysticism in the UK, USA and Europe for 25 years. She is the author of 20 books, a stand-up comedian and radio presenter and half of the podcast: ‘Wise Women: The Vicar and the Witch.’