Sacred Magic of the Angels

An online Kabbalistic workshop on the ancient art of Theurgy, or sacred magic, where we will learn the call signs of the nine great teaching archangels and exactly how to work with their energy for prayer and healing.

Angel work is increasingly popular in the modern world where people are, understandably, moving away from often spiritless churches and temples. However, there is a common practice of assuming that angels are ‘fluffy’ and simply bring comfort and blessings. People also speak of an archangel being their own personal guardian. Both of these are gross over-simplifications of a much greater truth.

This is ancient and powerful work, dating back millennia and the knowledge is life-changing and often miraculous. This workshop takes inspiration (with full permission) from David Goddard’s book Sacred Magic of the Angels.

Each of the nine great teaching angels of the Divine is a messenger resonating to a particular energy and invoking their help for a petition or prayer ensures that the request is transmitted in complete clarity. So often, our prayer requests are confused and wrapped in emotion and doubts from our subconscious. This work creates clear prayers that are far more likely to be effective.

The nine angels are each invoked on a particular day of the week, with a specific call-sign and in one of two ancient alphabets. The very precise nature of the system ensures that the applicant is 100% focused on what is desired.

Areas covered include invoking for a new, happy home, for successful surgery, for healing, for prosperity, romantic love, healthy old age and outright last-minute miracles.

Start date: Thursday 23rd September.

Duration: Six weekly sessions via Zoom starting at 8pm BST. All sessions will be recorded and shared.

The course includes homework – writing and submitting sample petitions.

Price: £145.00

For more details and to book, please contact Maggy on

Thank you.

Kingdom of Heaven: Kingdom of God

We read these phrases in the New Testament again and again. But what do they truly mean? Are they used interchangeably? What should we do with them? Are we nearly there yet?!

Let us go back in time to access the understanding of those who wrote down these words of Jesus of Nazareth. They knew the magic and mystery revealed in them and how to use each one as a springboard for understanding humanity, the universe and our relationship with the Divine.

Jesus made it clear that the moment we experience the meaning of those two phrases, we do not need priests; we have direct access to the Holy One. Following the pathway he set through the four Gospels, we too can tear the veil of the Temple and experience Shekhinah, the Presence of God on Earth. We will discover the beauty of pure truth and the spiritual champagne of becoming a vessel for Grace. Ideally, this workshop should put me out of a job!

The powerful mystical meanings within these two phrases, take us beyond religion, to a place of wisdom and understanding; resources much needed in our modern, chaotic world.

Maggy will use ancient Judaeo-Christian mystical teachings stories, meditations and laughter to take us into the perennial truth of the Kingdom of Heaven and the soul of wisdom that is the Kingdom of God. This will be a day of revelation, of joy and re-membrance.

Date: Saturday 16th October.

Location: Online, via Zoom.

Price: By donation.

Booking via Unity Church UK: Webpage. Contact:

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