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Guided meditation is one of the easiest ways to experience Kabbalah and the patterns of the Universe directly. Maggy offers a series of meditations from the simple to the profound. New meditations will be posted regularly.

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Walking the Sefirot
A simple guided meditation to help you feel the essence of the ten sefirot of the Tree of Life.

Secret island

An inner journey to a magical island with your own, personal, temple space to ascend and experience the love of the Holy One.

With the Dolphins Through the Four Worlds

A joyous swim in the depths of the oceans, rising up to play with the essence of the dolphins.


An inner journey with Moses and the ancient Israelites from slavery, through awakening to the Promised Land.

The Upper Room

Many spiritual traditions have an ‘upper room’, a space where we can gather together in essence to receive teaching from our guides and angels. This is an introduction to the Upper Room used in the Mystery School, which abides in the Toledano Tradition of Kabbalah. You will spend time in quiet contemplation in this beautiful and serene place and may ask for whatever it is that you truly need.

Your Spirit Garden

In this meditation, we re-visit the Upper Room of this tradition, and from there discover our own spiritual garden to see where we are both in and out of balance and where we can discover Grace and healing.

The Heavenly Jerusalem

We visit the heart of the spiritual temple hidden in the Heavenly Jerusalem, to walk the four courts and, with the help of our guide, discover and experience the Glory in all its beauty and majesty.

Sea of Galilee

A beautiful journey to experience Galilee in Biblical times, to take a fishing boat out with Jesus and both his male and female disciples, including a time for you to rest in the arms of Christ.

Seven Heavens

This is not a meditation but a contemplative guide to the seven heavens… and the seven days of creation as we experience the essence of Beriah, the heavenly World.

The Garden of Healing

As we are all intricately involved with the cycles of life and of nature, this meditation takes you inside your 'internal garden' to see how it thrives. We look to at the effects of other folks' 'gardens' on us and experience the Tree of Life within us as a living, breathing tree with all its aspects. This is a chance to observe any blocks within us, which may now be cleared to allow the entry of Grace.

About the Tutor

Maggy Whitehouse

Independent sacramental priest, spiritual teacher, celebrant, author, and comedian

Maggy Whitehouse is an independent sacramental minister, a lifetime student and teacher of Kabbalah in the Toledano Tradition, the author of 20 books on spirituality, Kabbalah, prosperity consciousness and Bible metaphysics—both factual and fiction—and started out as a stand-up comedian at the age of 56.
She is co-pastor of the Community of Prodigals has been widowed, divorced, healed from cancer, worked as a hospice chaplain, ridden on a Bengal tiger and survived a barracuda attack off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

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Implementation Time: 1-2 weeks

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