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Kabbalah The Wisdom Of Your Soul

By Maggy Whitehouse

Kabbalah: The Wisdom of your Soul is a five-part introduction to the Judaic mystical tradition which dates back to Biblical times and which has inspired generations of people to discover the wisdom of their own soul.

We will learn the levels of false self, true self and soul through the teachings of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life .

Kabbalah, Genesis & Exodus

By Maggy Whitehouse

A ten-part illustrated MP3 course on the esoteric teachings within the first two books of the Hebrew Testament.

The Torah is the foundation of Judaism – and therefore, Christianity and Islam too. Studied as a mystic, it reveals far more than the surface story of the creation of the world, the lives of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs, the Exodus from Egypt and the giving of the Law. Without knowledge of the social anthropology of the times, of the (minimum) of four levels of reading the text and of the esoteric jewels hidden in plain sight, it can read as unrealistic, savage and tragic. In truth it is a magical tapestry of learning which is as relevant to us today as it ever has been.

The esoteric teachings within the text are an extraordinary guide to living happily and in true service to the Holy One and all Creation. We can find strong evidence of the Divine Feminine in the origins of creation and marvel at the way the hidden teaching shows itself to the conscientious student.

Divine Feminine

By Maggy Whitehouse

A six-part course looking at the power of the perennial myths of the Goddess; their use and misuse. The Divine Feminine is hidden – and meant to be so, (secret and sacred have the same root) until we are ready for its profound depth. This is not a teaching to take lightly, but reverently. We look at the Great Mother’s incredible importance for the ecology of the planet, the origin of the Goddess Herself and her presence within the Judaeo-Christian tradition. There is magic in these stories … and there are fairies here too…

Kabbalah You and the Cosmic Christ

By Maggy Whitehouse

‘Christ is not Jesus’ last name’ — Fr. Richard Rohr. Kabbalah helps to show the nature of the Christ Consciousness and how Jesus expressed the Logos in one human lifetime. But whether you are Christian or not, this course will show you the power of this Christ consciousness as the heart of the perennial patterns of creation. And it will show you your own Divine nature too.


By Maggy Whitehouse

Guided meditation is one of the easiest ways to experience Kabbalah and the patterns of the Universe directly. Maggy offers a series of meditations from the simple to the profound. New meditations will be posted regularly.