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Kabbalah The Wisdom Of Your Soul

Kabbalah The Wisdom Of Your Soul

Kabbalah: The Wisdom of your Soul is a five-part introduction to the Judaic mystical tradition which dates back to Biblical times and which has inspired generations of people to discover the wisdom of their own soul.
We will learn the levels of false self, true self and soul through the teachings of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life .

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What's included

Part One: The Scaffolding of Life.
Why do we need scaffolding for spiritual work? The whole universe works on a series of mathematical patterns and understanding those is key to self-development.

Part Two: One God – Many Gods.
The three ‘religions of the Book’, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, teach that there is only one God. Other faiths teach of many. Kabbalah shows both to be true – that the One God contains many aspects, all within the same Divine pattern.

Part Three: The Levels Within Us.
We look at the ten sefirot of the Tree of Life and how they relate to us, our ego, our true self and our soul.

Part Four: Kabbalah and Angels.
The great Cosmic Pattern includes the ranks of angels – all of whom, too, correspond to the Divine pattern. Learn more about angels and what they really do.

Part Five: How to Use the Teaching.
A guide to the different forms of Kabbalah available, group work and helpful rituals.

About the Tutor

Maggy Whitehouse

Independent sacramental priest, spiritual teacher, celebrant, author, and comedian

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Learning Time: 5-6 hours
Implementation Time: 1-2 weeks

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