About The Tree of Sapphires

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a diagram formulated in the 11th Century and based on the seven-branched menorah in the First Temple. This Tree is a piece of scaffolding demonstrating the patterns of creation that form and maintain the Universe which gives us a structure on which we can maintain a true spiritual teaching without Chinese Whispers.

About Maggy:

“Maggy Whitehouse would probably have been burned at the stake 400 years ago. Though, of course, they wouldn’t have let her be a vicar then.” John Christopher Wood. Bath Comedy Festival.

Maggy is ordained in an independent church focusing on interfaith and understanding. In the last twenty years she has written seventeen books, mostly about spirituality, mysticism, prosperity consciousness and living joyfully.

She says, ‘ I’m happily married and have a lovely home in Devon and work I adore. I am blessed in that much of my prosperity comes directly from the Holy One in miracles and gifts but I also earn a living as a freelance teacher, comedian and broadcaster.

‘I’ve been widowed, divorced, experienced cancer, business and emigration disasters (all of which turned out to be good things in their way) and have had a lifetime of adventure, falling flat on my face, getting up and living joyfully again. There are many aspects of my life where all I have to do is ask and it is given and I’m happily working on expanding that.  :-D’

For a list of her published books please click here.