About The Tree of Sapphires

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a diagram formulated in the 11th Century and based on the seven-branched menorah in the First Temple. It is also associated with the Staff of Sapphires which appears in mystical literature and was said to have been given to Moses by his wife, Zipporah. The sapphires are the ten sefirot on the Tree of Life, three relating to Divinity and seven to  creation. This diagram, in all its forms, is simply a piece of scaffolding demonstrating the patterns of creation that form and maintain the Universe. It gives us a structure on which we can maintain a true spiritual teaching without Chinese Whispers. It should never be used as a stick with which to beat people or to conform to a particular religion.

While Kabbalah is primarily a Jewish tradition, and great thanks are due to those of that great Nation who have held the Tradition safe over generations, the world is such today that the Teaching is needed to be presented to a wider public in order to bring about the Work of Unification – helping all peoples and all faiths to work together in understanding and healing the relationship between the Divine, the Universe and humanity.

Rev. Maggy Whitehouse, the founder of this site, is a Toledano Tradition Kabbalist who has focused on taking the Work out into the wider world. She is the author of five books on Kabbalah and is currently working on Kabbalah and Healing for Axis Mundi Books.

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